Solo Exhibitions
2013     Motus Fort, Tokyo –“Homefield Disadvantage
2012   Ivory & Black Soho, London –“This land was your land
Selected Group Exhibitions                

2017      MAW Gallery, New York -"Gumbo" curated by Mason Saltarrelli

2016      Left Field Gallery, California – “How High?” curated by Ryan Travis Christian and Travis Fish

2015      Joshua Liner Gallery, New York – “All kinds of characters” curated by The World’s Best Ever

              New Image Art Gallery, Los Angels – “The thrill of victory, The agony of defeat” curated by Patrick Martinez

              Blanc Contemporary, Philippines – “Melted City 2”curated by Jordin Isip

2013      Eric Firestone Gallery, New York -“Seventh Inning Stretch

2012      Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco – “December group show

              Beginnings, Brooklyn – “Patterns, Marks, Repetitions, Patterns

              Nancy Margolis Gallery, New York -“Permanent Collection

             FFDG, San Francisco – “Cigarettes, Phone Cards and Hip Hop Clothing

             Motus Fort Gallery, Tokyo –“Spring has sprung

2010    Joshua Liner Gallery, New York - “From Kojiki to Modern Heroism

2009    Richard Heller Gallery, Santa Monica -“Group Exhibition


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                Wythe Hotel, National Pastime Museum